Welcome to our subscription boxes! We are excited to bring our very first box, ‘Rock of the Month’!!  At the beginning of every month you will receive a mini package with a new rock type right in your mailbox.  The box will mainly be a bag of tumbles, but we might mix it up with some rough rock, mini spheres, cubes, mini towers, or more!  Each month will be one kind of rock for you to enjoy and will include the meaning and properties of that stone.  This is a great way to learn more while getting pretty things! 

The price includes shipping, but if you have an open basket with me here on Dewberry Lane or with 3 Sisters Auction, your subscription will ship with your basket the week it releases and give you the under 1 pound shipping with that week’s basket.  If you do not have an open basket, your rocks will ship right out ready for you to discover what’s inside!! 

By subscribing below, this will be a reoccurring payment that automatically deducts from the card you use on the same date you sign up each month.  So if you sign up on the 5th, it’ll deduct on the 5th every month.  You can cancel at anytime before payment is withdrawn.

Be on the lookout for more subscription services in the future too!

Rock of the Month – $14.00